I am a writer, an idea generator, a brand maker, a film maker

and a live event producer.


I enjoy finding strategic insights and translating them into creative

platforms, brand-worlds and brand communications that are relevant,

compelling and long term.

Film making and live event production is in my blood 

whether it's a TV commercial, corporate production or experiential.

I have spent the last 27 years working in the creative communications

industry. 11 years running a busy advertising agency as CEO and ECD,

9 of those years were following a management buy out at which point

I became majority share- holder and owner of the business. Prior to that I grew up in the world of internal and brand communications.


This last decade has taught me a lot about managing a medium sized

business and making sure it’s successful and profitable.


The fact is we all have to wear different hats in this brave new world,

be adaptable and evolve with the times. Never be scared to learn a new skill but be determined to bring your core expertise and experience to the fore.


Profits are generated not just through good products but also just as importantly through good people – so look after them and they’ll look after you.


Stretch those targets and never take your foot off the gas otherwise you start to roll back and you lose all momentum.


Good business is about growth and growth is born out of great ambition.


PHONE NUMBER: +44(0)7976837417